Subject AW: [firebird-support] Question about firebird 2.5
Author Olaf Kluge

now I'm testing the firebird 2.5-Server with option superserver. I see, that
the superserver uses on my local machine (dualcore) both cores.
Automatically, superserver is superclassic? The old superserver on version
2.1 could not use both cores. The setup of the server has not entry for

Regards, Olaf



Actually I'm using a quadcore-Server with firebird 2.1 classic server
running. One database and about 10 users are connected.

Now, I would install firebird 2.5. Which mode is the best for our
environment? (safe and fast)

If the superclassic the best option for me, I need to install the classic
server and afterwards run this statement?
instsvc install -multithreaded
(firebird runs as service)

In this case, I should change the Firebird.conf (default cache page to 75).
What about the other options, can I leave the default values?

There are other things to heed?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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