Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird + wine + delphi
Author Ivan Cruz
Hi Sergio,

I have a production machine running a Delphi 6 application on
Ubuntu 10.10 + Wine accessing a Firebird 2.1 without any problems
now. When I first tested that environment 2 yeas ago I had problems
with TDBGrid and TMemo, but in the newest Wine packages they
simple disappeared.

I have also a test environment using a Delphi 7 application, again on
Ubuntu 10.10 + Wine accessing MS SQL Server 2005. Again, no
problems at all. Installation of ODBC drivers is somewhat tricky,
but an application appropriately called winetricks will do the job
for you.

Sorry but no Delphi 2007 for me, tanks :-))).

When setting up your environment, remember 4 very important things:

1. Install Firebird Server and Client on Linux. Use Firbird from Ubuntu
repositories, always possible.
2. Run Firebird windows installer but install just Firebird Client for
3. Configure your Delphi application to access databases via TCP,
like: "localhost:MyDatabase" on TIBDatabase.DatabaseName
4. Aliases are your friends.


Sergio H. Gonzalez wrote:
> Hello! I know this is not exactly a Firebird question, but probably some
> of you have experience in that matter.
> My app is developed in Delphi 2007 / Firebird. I access FB via the IBX
> componentes which comes with Delphi. A customer of mine wants to run my
> app in Lunux. I've never used Linux, but I know there's a Win32 emulator
> called Wine.
> Anyone with experience in this scenario? I don't have any PC with Linux
> at the moment to test. So before I try to get a PC with Ubuntu, I'd like
> to know if anyone did it before.
> Thanks!!!
> Sergio
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