Subject Re: [firebird-support] External tables
Author Woody
From: <masotti@...>
> Hi Woody,
> Def. Quota Woody <woody-tmw@...>:
>> Firebird can't run an external program from SQL, to my knowledge, so even
>> if
>> I wrote a separate program to transfer the data directly into the
>> database,
>> I would have to use a UDF to run the external program. If all else fails,
>> I
>> may try to do it that way. Since the database is on the server,
>> everything
>> has to run from there.
> Some time ago I solved a similar situation using Firebird's events.
> You haven't excluded this option, so don't know if you ever tried
> investigating on this.


The problem with using events is the same as the problem with using
something to poll a table every now and then. The external program would
have to continuously run which is overkill for something that only needs to
be done occasionally. If this were something that would need to be done even
once or twice a week, I would consider using events more seriously.

Woody (TMW)