Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: UDF - entry point could not be found F_ADDMONTH
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:30 AM 13/03/2011, homerjones1941 wrote:

>After posting my original request, I realized that I haddn't given much information.
>OS: XP Pro - SP 3
>FB Version
>Editor: IBExpert
>I assumed that since IB Expert listed all the functions, that they had been declared. I don't know if that is a safe assumption.

It's not. You have to declare each external function in each database where you want to use it. What IBExpert does (or doesn't do) is not a Firebird issue.

>Helen, I'm not sure if *in the database* means in the Stored Procedure, or elsewhere. I'll follow your suggestion and look up DECLARE EXTERNAL FUNCTION. Thanks for the quick reply.

In the database means as a declared object in the database. Once it is declared in the database, you can use it in both DSQL and PSQL ("stored procedure language", if you're thinking of PSQL that way).

>Oh, BTW, I've tried several other functions that are visible in the UDF list, and all of them gave the same "entry point" error.

No surprises there. ;-)