Subject Re: How to import xls or csv into firebird database table?
Author karolbieniaszewski
--- In, "Banaru" <origen_banaru@...> wrote:
> Hi!
> I have an application (written in delphi using IBDataset)that use firebird database. I need to populate some tables with data from other clients. This format is xls or i can transform to csv , then to import in firebird. I do not want another tools, but dooing that from my application.
> How can i do this: importing data from xls or csv in firebird?
> Thanks in advance.


ask this Delphi question on Delphi group
BTW. Do you know how load file and read from it in Delphi?
if yest then insert record from that data into Firebird database - what problem?
I suppose that you do not know how read from file at all..

Karol Bieniaszewski