Subject RE: {Disarmed} [firebird-support] How to import xls or csv into firebird database table?
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Subject: Re: {Disarmed} [firebird-support] How to import xls or csv into firebird database table?

Den 2011-03-11 08:49 skrev Banaru Origen såhär:
> I save excel table to csv file with ' ; ' comma delimitter using ADO from
> delphi, but i can't import this csv file to firebird database table, where
> fields are the same in csv and firebird table.

Please don't top post.

Is it possible for you to export fixed width format instead of delimited
format? In that case you can import into FB using an external table.


The way we are doing it:
Create table with big varchar field, record ID and some import identification then import csv into that table.
Then parse every record with stored procedure and populate appropriate table with extracted data.

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