Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connection Pooling and Concurrent Transactions
Author Michael Ludwig
dekhands lukeman schrieb am 12.02.2011 um 07:22 (-0800):

> We have an application that was originally designed for single users,
> using a single Firebird jdbc connection.  Now, we have a requirement
> that we allow multiple simultaneous users which of course, will
> concurrently process potentially long running transactions.
> If replace our singleton connection with dedicated connections via
> connection pooling, would this prevent or otherwise mitigate open
> result set cursor contentions and other concurrency issues since the
> transaction would occur on its own connection?

Yes - provided that the problems you are referring to stem from sharing
one connection among several threads, which is very likely to cause
problems as the scheduler may pass control from one thread to another
at any moment, and you have no control over what state the connection
will be in at that moment. Using dedicated connections for each thread,
this particular class of problems won't arise.

Michael Ludwig