Subject Re: What structure would fit better?
Author ehaerim
[1] Reasons why I split into yearly databases
> Also, though it seems unrelated to the current question, there is
> no need to have a separate database for every year.
I am worried in two respects:
- a single database for all the past years would grow every year
- and it will affect the performance of select/insert
So, I thought spliting databases into yearly one would solve both issues. Correct me if I am wrong.

[2] Where the symbols and blobs are coming from
Actually I am working with IBPP api and therefore symbols and blobs are fed by the api. For example,

IBPP::Blob b1;

st1->Prepare("INSERT INTO TEST(SYMB_DATE, DATA) VALUES('S0001004_20110928', ?)");
st1->Set(1, b1); // set the blob before insert

st1->Execute("SELECT DATA FROM TEST WHERE SYMB_DATE = 'S0001004_20110928'");
if (st1->Fetch()) // get the first row from Firebird
st1.Get(1, b1); // get the blob