Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: UNION to return one record only not two
Author Venus Software Operations
Hi Sven

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. As always you give a great CTE
examples which suit the needs very well, thanks.

Please let me know this. I can find all documents on CTE on the web and
when I see your examples, I say oh, yes, I can do this a next time, but
when a new problem needs solving, like the current one I cannot see a
CTE implementation. Of course your experience counts, but I think there
is a mindset that I need to have, a way to break up the problem that
compliments a CTE. Is this something that reading theory can help me
with? Is there some kind of question, way of looking that you can put
in words that can help me in visioning CTEs?

If you can answer, hopefully I asked the right question, without taking
too much of your time, that would be great.

Thanks and regards

On 29/09/2010 01:53, Svein Erling wrote:
> WITH Purchase (iID, cBk, iNo, tDt, bCrAmt, bCrCENVATAmt, bCrECESSAmt,
> bCrSHCESSAmt) as
> (SELECT PB.iID, PB.cBk, PB.iNo, PB.tDt,
> SUM(IIF(PBF.iSrNo = -1, PBF.bAmt, 0)), SUM(IIF(FA.cCode = 'CENVAT',
> PBF.bAmt, 0)),
> SUM(IIF(FA.cCode = 'ECESS', PBF.bAmt, 0)), SUM(IIF(FA.cCode =
> 'SHCESS', PBF.bAmt, 0))
> FROM sPurchaseBillFooter PBF
> JOIN mAccounts FA
> ON FA.iID = PBF.iAccountID
> JOIN tPurchaseBill PB
> AND :cFlag = 'Purchase'
> GROUP BY 1, 2, 3, 4),
> Sale (iID, cBk, iNo, tDt, bDrAmt, bDrCENVATAmt, bDrECESSAmt,
> (SELECT SI.iID, SI.cBk, SI.iNo, SI.tDt,
> SUM(IIF(SIF.iSrNo = -1, SIF.bAmt, 0)), SUM(IIF(FA.cCode = 'CENVAT',
> SIF.bAmt, 0)),
> SUM(IIF(FA.cCode = 'ECESS', SIF.bAmt, 0)), SUM(IIF(FA.cCode =
> 'SHCESS', SIF.bamt, 0))
> FROM sSaleInvoiceFooter SIF
> JOIN mAccounts FA
> ON FA.iID = SIF.iAccountID
> JOIN tSaleInvoice SI
> AND :cFlag = 'Sale'
> GROUP BY 1, 2, 3, 4)
> SELECT iID, cBK, iNo, tDt, bCrAmt, bCrCENVATAmt, bCrECESSAmt,
> bCrSHCESSAmt, 0 as bDrAmt, 0 as bDrCENVATAmt, 0 as bDrECESSAmt, 0 as
> FROM Purchase
> SELECT iID, cBK, iNo, tDt, 0, 0, 0, 0, bDrAmt, bDrCENVATAmt,
> FROM Sale


Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,
For Venus Software Operations
Bhavbhuti Nathwani
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