Subject Re: Company Intranet on Firebird?
Author nigma2020
Now I'm considering whether or not I want to delve very deep into database development, or whether MS Access would suffice. I have a few Access 2003 programs that I worked on with an uncle years back, but I definitely would like to use something with a bit more polish.

I understand HTML, but as a standalone application, I'm not really understanding how much work will go into a Firebird GUI (for clients) I picked up a book on MySQL, figuring it would be similar, but They all seem to be based on the integration with PHP. Should I take this as a sign that developing full-fledged standalone apps with firebird is a whole 'nother ballgame?

--- In, "Mark Rotteveel" <Avalanche1979@...> wrote:
> > I'm looking to create a human resources database (and eventually more
> > would be added). My first thought was to run it as an intranet, so that
> > employees could log onto our domain through their browser. This would make
> > things easier for me, since I wouldn't have to deal with programs running on
> > various pieces of ancient hardware. I also want to eventually run linux on my
> > office computer.
> >
> > My question is, do you guys know where a good place to start would be? I
> > have experience in html and was wanting to use CFML. Do you think that a
> > regular database with simultaneous connections would be better? What are
> > some of the pros and cons of each?
> If you use ColdFusion, you are still using a 'regular database with simultaneous connections'. The only differences is that you application resides on a server and is accessed through a webbrowser.
> This makes things a lot easier from a maintenance perspective: no need to distribute applications to all workstations on your network, and only central thing that needs to be changed for fixes or extension of features.
> All in all, I am in favour of going for a webapplication.
> Mark
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