Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Cannot connect to database from client over LAN, frustrated please help.
Author Michael Ludwig
Helen Borrie schrieb am 12.09.2010 um 07:52 (+1200):
> At 01:04 AM 12/09/2010, you wrote:
> >Helen Borrie schrieb am 10.09.2010 um 08:27 (+1200):

> >> \\fb_server\d:\path_to\database
> >>
> >> is not TCP/IP, so ping isn't applicable to it. It is the string
> >> for the deprecated "NetBEUI protocol" (or, more correctly, Named
> >> Pipes transport).
> >
> >When has it been deprecated?
> It is deprecated *in Windows* by Microsoft and has been so for a
> decade.
> Deprecated does not mean "removed" - it means that, at some point, it
> will become unsupported in a new Windows version.

Thanks. All clear again. :-)

> Firebird's NetBEUI support wouldn't be removed without long-term
> warnings, be assured of that. It doesn't mean that dropping it has
> not come up on the Agenda, over the years, though. Anything that is
> deprecated in the OS has to be considered deprecated for any long-haul
> software that runs on it.

Michael Ludwig