Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Multiple instances of fbserver.exe
Author Lester Caine
marco bianchini wrote:
> hi, Lester, im using fb since few time, id like to ask why upgrading fb
> engine is so much expansive;
> newer version can't handle all priors feature and add& improve them?
Changes to reserved words are the main problem :(
Some of the ones I am using then cause problems when used in flamerobin and
changing them means I need to recompile all of the legacy windows code which is
still based on BCB6. Some of the applications that I have 'advanced' took
several weeks to go through all the changes and build upgrade scripts and so on.
What seems like a simple change to FB developers can have some major
implications 'down stream' ...

> its just to know, i guess that one day i will have to manage this issue too.
If you are lucky enough not to have any reserved words changes, or windows code
then it is not such an issue.

> after all i agree with u: there is no reasons to touch something running
> well :O)
> thx
> marco
> 2010/9/10 Lester Caine<lester@...>
>> hvlad wrote:
>>> Not sure i translated it correctly... My post has no intention to be rude
>> or something like that. I just don't understand people who still actively
>> developing using so old version of Firebird.
>> Some of my sites still have FB1.5 on, and while it would be nice to upgrade
>> them, the amount of work required to move those projects over to FB2 is
>> simply
>> not economic. So since they are working fine, any adjustments have to be
>> made
>> bearing in mind that none of the newer SQL will actually work. So I have
>> FB1.5
>> running on an older machine just for testing. It is also useful to handle
>> backups from those sites, since I don't want them moving to an FB2 version.

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