Subject Re: [firebird-support] Cannot connect to database from client over LAN, frustrated please help.
Author Oscar Garcia

I won't mind using a direct connection from visual basic if I can bypass
ODBC, could you please give me more detail on this.

Thank you for your ideas.


On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 11:08 PM, PenWin <penwin@...> wrote:

> > I have installed superserver 2.1.3 on a windows XP computer. This is the
> > server I am trying to connect to over the network. On this computer I
> have
> > also installed Visual Basic 6.0, IBExpert and the ODBC to connect to the
> > database. The computer has an IP I can connect perfectly
> fine
> > to the database with IBExpert and with Visual Basic on this computer.
> > Everything works well. The problem arises when I try to connect another
> > computer to the database.
> Did you enable access to Firebird Server (application fbserver.exe, or
> port 3050, depending on what kind of firewall you use) in your firewall?
> You need to do that in order to be able to connect to it from other
> computers.
> > 2nd computer: Has windows XP installed, IBExpert, IP is (can
> > ping the server), Visual Basic and the ODBC for firebird. Basically what
> I
> > want to do is to use this computer to access the database instead of
> having
> > to program on the same machine where the server is installed. Initially I
> > had installed the superserver on this machine also and I thought I could
> > connect to the database server with this setup. I could not. Reading more
> > on network connections to firebird I figured I only needed the client
> files
> > installed on this computer. So I uninstalled the server and I installed
> the
> > client files only with admin tools since I would like to run some admin
> > tasks on the database from this computer.
> Once you solve the firewall problem from computer 1, you will be able to
> connect to its databases using connection string such as
> (where "c:\path\to\database.fdb" is a path on computer 1. It does not
> matter that computer 2 does't "see" this path or even has some other
> content in it).
> > I also read I needed to modify the host files on both computers. I did.
> the
> > host file for the server looks like this
> > localhost
> > fb_server
> It's not necessary to modify the hosts, unless you want to use hostnames
> in your connection strings and the standard Windows resolution of names
> doesn't work for you.
> > When I try connecting to the database via the odbc it gives me the
> following
> > msg:
> Oh, ODBC. Then you are on your own - what I wrote above works with a
> direct Firebird connection. I don't know how to set up ODBC, as I have
> never used it.
> Pepak


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