Subject Re: [firebird-support] Cannot connect to database from client over LAN, frustrated please help.
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:29 PM 9/09/2010, you wrote:
>Reading more
>on network connections to firebird I figured I only needed the client files
>installed on this computer. So I uninstalled the server and I installed the
>client files only with admin tools since I would like to run some admin
>tasks on the database from this computer.

Did you also read that you need to make sure you have the correct MS runtimes? If not, read up on that subject in the release notes.

>I also read I needed to modify the host files on both computers. I did. the
>host file for the server looks like this
> localhost
> fb_server
>and the hosts file on the other computer looks like this.
> fb_server
> localhost

You don't need to (and shouldn't) if your network server is dishing out IP addresses via dhcp. Since you're getting error messages from the ODBC client about not finding the database ("failed to locate host machine") this isn't about connecting to a database but about finding the host on the network.
-- The first suspect is the static IP address you have accorded to fb_server node.
-- Following closely behind is this "fb_server": is it a mapping?
-- Thereafter (once you get a connection to a real host) I would anticipate a permissions problem, considering that you have placed the database file in the private space of the host's administrator...