Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to update a data base
Author Werner F. Bruhin
Hi Walter,

On 07/09/2010 11:24, W O wrote:
> Hello everybody
> My client has a database, I have the same database in another computer,
> several miles away. Later I do some change in my database (for example,
> adding a field to a table).
> Now, I want that both databases be equal, identical metadata. His database
> is in a hard disk, I had copied my database in a pen-drive.
> How can I do that? How can I update his database structure?
Whenever I do a new version the first thing I write is the database
update script and it gets tested (and updated if necessary) all along
the way of the development of that new version.

In the database I have a table "preferences" in my case which contains a
column which stores the database structure version number. So, when my
application starts it checks that column and runs the necessary upgrade
script(s) to get the database up to the level of the application.

My update script contains DDL (alter table/view etc) and it might also
update/insert some new data.