Subject RE: [firebird-support] Last books and docs about Firebird
Author Maya Opperman
>I'm new to Firebird, I like it very much and I want to learn the maximum as
>soon as possible.

>My question is: whose are the last books or articles or docs about Firebird
>and where I can find them?

Get hold of Helen Borrie's "The Firebird Book". Available from

>Into the Firebird's site there are several docs but most of them are
>out-dated, I prefer new reading material, material that cover versions 2.1,
>2.5, 3.0. I don't like to read about version 1.5 or prior because seems too

Don't worry about that. If the info hasn't changed since FB 1.0, then the docs won't be updated, and apply to all versions.
My main reference was actually the interbase 6 getting started docs for a very long time, when I first started using Firebird 1.0 and 1.5. The information doesn't go out of date very quickly.