Subject Re: [firebird-support] IB 6.1 Compatibility
Author PenWin
Dne 6.9.2010 23:43, slurcher napsal(a):
> I have an old app that's running on IB 6.1 and would like to change
> it to FB. Which version of FB can I use that is the most stable and
> b/w compatible, requiring a minimum (if any) changes?
> I have just upgraded another app to FB 2.1, but it required a
> significant amount of db code changes, which i'd like to avoid if
> possible.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Interbase 6.1. But when I
moved an IB 6.0 application to Firebird 1.5, I only needed to do two

1) Backup the database in Interbase and restore it in Firebird.

2) Update the setup program to install Firebird rather than Interbase.

Everything else remained the same, including stored procedures and
triggers and views. Even the custom UDF I use didn't require any update
(not even a recompile!)

I am told Firebird 1.0 is even closer to Interbase 6.0.

Hope it helps.