Subject Data in Row Format, Need To Display In Columun Format
Author Vishal Tiwari
Hi All,
I have a table named as "Book_Details", table structure is as follows:
sYear Varchar(4) Not Null,
sYearMonth Varchar(6) Not Null,
sBranchCode Varchar(15) Not Null,
sBook_Name Varchar(50) Not Null,
rBook_Price Numeric(15, 2) Not Null,
iCopy_Sold Integer Not Null,
rTot_Amount Numeric(15, 2) Not Null,
Primary key (sYear, sYearMonth, sBranchCode, sBook_Name)

Please find the attached file (.doc file), which will give you the clear idea about how the data is stored in the database, and the rquired result using only sql.
Here I am attaching the requirment in .doc file coz data display and requirement will not be displayed in the mail textproperly, so I am taking care of that using attached .doc file, sorry for that.
Thanks In advance.

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