Subject Re: how to accessing table in another database from stored procedure
Author hvlad
--- In, "y_ongky_s" wrote:
> I found that when i run query with "EXECUTE STATEMENT" with another
> database in stored procedure from
> ISQL or another SQL manager the result is true like expected.
> But when I use ODBC in my application to run a query with EXECUTE
> STATEMENT in it then always
> result error with message:
> Internal error when using clumplet API: attempt to store data in
> dataless clumplet.
> I use Firebird 2.5 RC3 and Firebird ODBC driver v2.
> Is this error cause be ODBC driver?

What if you run query without EXECUTE STATEMENT via ODBC ?
Show your connection string and transaction parameters.

Also look at firebird.log and make sure you use latest snapshot build of Firebird.