Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 2.5 simultaneously with 2.1
Author Daniel Rail

At August-25-10, 4:24 AM, Werner F. Bruhin wrote:

> On 24/08/2010 21:32, Helen Borrie wrote:
>> At 01:28 AM 25/08/2010, Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
>>> After extracting the stuff form the zip I
>>> found in the doc folder the 2.1 installation guide (not listed on:
>>> ),
>> It is there and has been there since v.2.1 was in beta. It is the third item under "Release Notes".
> Thanks I see it now.

> I am still unsure if the following is enough to run 2.5 server as an app
> simultaneously next to 2.1:

> change "#RemoteServicePort = 3050" to e.g.
> "RemoteServicePort = 3055" and change my application's connection string to use this port

> Or do I need to follow "install_windows_manually.txt" which I think runs
> it as a service?

Follow both. And, make sure to install the service using a different
name. And, don't use the FIREBIRD environment variable, since both
instances of Firebird would try to use it, and most likely would point
to the same config files(which you don't want).

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