Subject Re: [firebird-support] 2.5 RC3 (Win32) - Embedded: seems to allocate 4096 pages for each connection
Author Daniel Rail

At August-23-10, 3:09 PM, Olivier Mascia wrote:

> I must be setting something wrong somewhere (I hope so), but it
> does look like my tests with 2.5 RC3 (Win32) embedded do use 4096
> cache pages per connection. I would have expected it to be 75 in the
> absence of any firebird.conf file or while DefaultDbCachePages is commented out.

> Yet, despite my (small) efforts to set it to 100 to clearly see if
> it obeys my settings, either through firebird.conf or through DPB
> parameters at attachment-time, I seem to always get 4096 pages
> allocated. At least the committed memory of my process increase by a
> bit more than 65 MB per attachment (4096 * 16384) and 4096 is also
> the value which I get back through
> isc_database_info(isc_info_num_buffers).

> Is this a known bug which I would have missed in the list?

The Windows Embedded edition is the same as SuperServer. So, the
default cache pages would be the same as SuperServer, not Classic.

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