Subject Re:help for firebird
Author Aage Johansen
Qi Han wrote
Start a transaction, update a table in a 1-million records, about 3 seconds to
complete, do not submit;
Then update it just update 1-million records.
Problem, and then you see a hard drive light Always, about 2 minutes and 30
seconds to complete.
I would like to ask is why?

We will need more information.
Please tell us which Firebird version you are using, and whether it
is Classic or SuperServer. Also which operating system (Linux/Windows/other).
Now, are you using ISQL or Delphi or VB or something else. What kind
of components do you use? How do you do the update? What is the
table definition? Any indexes?
Information like this will help us to help you.

Aage J.