Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fb 32-bits on Debian 64-bits or Fb 32-bits on Debian 32-bits? Wich better?
Author Philippe Makowski
2010/8/20 Eliana Vanina <sopranoeli@...>
> I'm planning to install a Firebird 2.0 on Debian Lenny on a new server (until now application was running into 32 bit server). New server processor supports 64 bits, but my UDF not working on Firebird 64 bits (they was compiled to 32 bits and I havent source code in order to recompile to 64 bits).
> A possible solution is install Firebird 32 bits, leaving Debian 64 bits. Another possible solution is to install Firebird and Debian both 32 bits. Wich is better?
full 32 bits seems a better solution

> Or... there is another possible solution?
get rid of your UDF
or rewrite it