Subject RE: [firebird-support] Design Question
Author Alan McDonald
> I have 'Item' table with following fields,
> Stock
> Cost
> Price
> ReorderLevel
> ...
> Whenever an item is sold, it deducts the quanity sold from the stock
> field. But in some special case two different records has to share the
> stock field, let us say Cigratee Pack and Cigratee Carton. Which ever
> item sells, stock has to reduced in both item rows. How could we do
> that
> Another totally different question is how to maintain version for fdb
> file or is there any easy way to handle customer updates. Now I am
> using ibpump to pump data from old to new database, which is time
> consuming and error prone.
> Any suggestions are highly appreciated
> Thanks!
> Muthu Annamalai

first Q:
stock control - you have rto make this easy for yourself, you're either
selling a carton or a packet. If you sell a packet, your operations should
be to first split your carton intro packet stock - then sell a packet

second Q:
every time you deploy a new versin of the DB, keep 2 copies running on your
dev machine (master and target).
work thru dev updates, then when ready to deploy do a DB compare
(IBExpert/Workbench etc) to create a script.
Rund the script against your target to confirm your script.
Then deploy your script
then start the cycle again.