Subject Re: Connection authorization failure
Author cornievs
--- In, "tomaskrejzek" <tomaskrejzek@...> wrote:
> I have FB2.1.3 on both, but on old I have 32bit, now 64bit
> OS is WinXP on old pc, Win7 on new.
> I have installed FB, set users in security2.fdb, and copy FDB files from old pc
> I'm using localhost loop -\data\filename.fdb
> But now when I try to connect to DB it raises an exception - Connection authorization failure - file ..... is not a valid database.

I had the same problem when moving to 64 bit. Uninstall the 64Bit FB and install the 32 bit. Do a backup of all your DB's in the transportable format and then re-install the 64 Bit and do a restore of the DB's. Worked 100% for me.

Maybe the developers can give us an idea why the 64 bit does not open files created on another computer with a 32 bit server. In all the tests I have done, if I "upgrade" a server to 64 bit version, it can access the all the DB's created on that computer. I have not tried to copy DB from one 64 bit to another 64 bit server.

Hope it helps