Subject Re: Error opening a FB database after copy to a different pc
Author cornievs
--- In, Cornie van Schoor <cornievs@...> wrote:
> I made a copy of FB database with windows copy and paste. On the
> original pc the copy works fine (Firebird 2.05/Windows XP Pro SP2) but
> on my pc (Firebird 2.13 and 2.5 rc2/ Windows 7 Pro) i get the error
> "Connection authorization failure. file .... is not a valid database."
> (The FB server was shutdown when i made the copy so, no users was using
> the DB while i made the copy.) I regular gets this error and now use
> only only backup/restore to transfer the db's. But I urgently needs to
> access one db
> >> Any suggestions please?
> > I suggest never copy the database directly! Use backup/restore!
> > I think the problem came form 32bit vs 64bit. You can transfer a
> > database to an another architecture with backup/restore only.
> >
> > Gabor
> Thanks for the reply, I think you may be right about the 32/64 bit
> issue. Will setup a 32bit Win XP pc and test. All my pc's is Win 7 64Bit
> Ns I can get some database info with GStat but no access with GFix,
> GBak, etc
> Regards Cornie

Just as a feed back.
I only get the error when I try to access the DB on Firebird Win 64 Bit server (Tried with 2.1x and 2.5x) and when the original DB came from a server with Firebird Win 32 Bit (2.0x, 2.1x). But it happens only in about 50% of the cases.

When I install a 32Bit version I can access the DB 100%.

BTW thanks for the everybody on the support group. I learn a lot by reading your questions and answers.