Subject RE: [firebird-support] 64 bit FreeUDFLib
Author Maya Opperman
>>Alan McDonald wrote:
>>Does anyone have a 64bit compile of FreeUDFLib.dll?

Darn, no reply, I would also be very interested in that. The C source code I previously found for FreeUDFLibC and complied for Linux, didn't have the exact same declarations as the FreeUDFLib version, so I had to do quite a bit of fiddling to get it working on Linux, and the Linux machine I had the modified source on crashed, so I'm not too keen to try go the route of doing it myself again, but I do have 2 or 3 people enquiring about using the 64 bit version of Firebird.

Also, I haven't the foggiest what compiler I would need to be using to build a 64 bit C DLL..