Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Error loading DB using FB 2.1.3
Author Steve Boyd
> yeah that is not perfect, not fun. But AFAIK, is very *well* documented that you *have to* test your backup after created it. Right?
That is all well and good but you would have to test every back up every
time to make sure it was restorable. We often run into situations where
duplicate keys that don't exist in the original database's index cause a
restore to fail. Somehow, records that can be selected using a NATURAL
plan do not exist in the primary index. Testing every backup for
restorability is not exactly practical in the real world where I have
about 100 servers with a couple of hundred databases to support. If we
tested every back up we took we would do nothing else. Besides, some of
the databases are in the 100GB+ range. We would never finish one test
restore before we had to start the next one.

Also, isn't that rather like saying you should run a complete set of
diagnostics on your car every time you take it out of the driveway?

Telling me to test every back up seems like documenting bad behaviour
rather than fixing it.

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