Subject Re: [firebird-support] Delphi and FB Embedded sample files?
Author Woody
From: "harrycl2" <dumboldphotobucket@...>
> Hi All,
> I am new to Firebird and I am struggling to get a basic set up working
> with the embedded version.
> It all works fine with the installed superserver service but I have shut
> that down as I want to use the embedded version for easier deployment.
> Can somebody please point me at some Delphi (D5) code examples. I searched
> here and the internet and found the zeos and IBO components. I found some
> stuff but it will not compile as it includes the Jedi components and they
> have abandoned D5.

As Helen says, follow the examples which use the IBX components. As long as
you don't do too many FB specific actions, most things will work fine using
Firebird instead of Interbase.

If you develop using the embedded version, you must make sure you don't
leave a database connection open in the IDE when trying to run/debug the
program as it does not allow multiple connections. Like Helen, though, I
would recommend using the full server to develop with and only deploying the
embedded version.

Woody (TMW)