Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Deadlock during index activation
Author Leyne, Sean

> Thank you for the explanation. Our application has a maintenance plan which
> calls ACTIVATE INDEX on every index in the database. It is possible that other
> queries and statements are run against the database during the maintenance
> plan. According to your explanation those concurrent modifications may
> cause the "deadlock" error to be thrown during index activation. Would you
> suggest preventing concurrent queries and modifications during index
> activation?
> Where can I get the full message for the "deadlock" error I am seeing? (What
> I reported was the entire message I receive from Jaybird.)

The have 100+ servers deployed at client locations (with databases between 1GB and 19GB in size) and we *never* need to perform index maintenance.

I would suggest that the "maintenance" plan is over-thought.