Subject Re: Corrupted primary key
Author hvlad
--- In, Alec Swan wrote:
> Hello Ann,
> Thank you for the comprehensive answer to my posts.
> We are using Firebird 2.1.2 in Embedded mode with Jaybird JDBC driver 2.1.6
> on Windows XP.
> Let me clarify the problem with primary key index corruption. We have a
> query which returns primary key values from a specific table. This query
> returns 2 rows. We have another query which returns all values from the same
> table using the first query as a sub-query to filter rows based on primary
> key values. This query returns 1 row. Which is incorrect.
> If we drop and re-create the primary key on the table and re-run both
> queries they consistently return 2 rows each. I have the database and
> queries which I can send to you. The database contains production customer
> data, so I wonder if I could send it to you in a private email?

Could you put it for download somewhere and send URL to me privately ?