Subject Re: Maintain Summary Table with Database Trigger
Author JackR
No kidding! That's a great feature. I probably ignore those rdb$...
features mostly figuring that I will never need them. I just tried out
a couple of examples in IBExpert and it works very well. The variable
seems to go away on commit. If there was a longer term one, it might
also eliminate the need for the field in the status table but I will
definitely make use of it as it is.

Thanks for your explanation.


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> > In my
> > program, before making a mass insert, update or delete, I will set
> > triggers to INACTIVE and then set the field in the status table at
> > then end of processing. Rebuilding the summary table will then
> > the next time the data is needed. How can I use a context variable
> > better accomplish my purpose?
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> Oh, that. I misunderstood Vlad, then. I now think he was telling you
this would
> be better than activating/deactivating triggers:
> create trigger ... as
> begin
> if (rdb$get_context('USER_TRANSACTION', 'notrigger') = '1') then
> ...
> end
> Before doing mass updates,
> execute block as
> begin
> rdb$set_context('USER_TRANSACTION', 'notrigger', '1');
> end
> -Philip

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