Subject Re: Firebird 2.1.4 questions
Author hvlad
--- In, "Maya Opperman" <maya@...> wrote:

> We tried updating a 75 user system from FB 2.1.3 to Firebird 2.1.4 last
> night (in the hope that it would resolve index corruptions were are
> still experiencing), but on a few of the machines, our the application
> would not run, giving the error "Unable to load FBClient.dll"
> All the machines are XP, and get windows updates.
> Any ideas at what to look for next?

Sooner of all you have no MSVC8 CRT on failed machines.

> Will there be an installer for the 2.1.4 snapshot at some stage?

No, we don't create installers for snapshot builds. All you need to install snapshot build is to unpack it at some folder and to run instclient\instsvc if needed.

> Their sys admin reverted all machines to 2.1.3 again. This is quite a
> lot of work, and the can only do it at night when the store is closed
> for business. Would it be advisabe to at least just update the server
> (which is quite quick) and then sort out the client issues over time?

Of course. You can use any Firebird client with any Firebird server. It is good practice to use the same client\server versions but it is not a "must do" rule.