Subject Re: [firebird-support] Instructions for applying 2.1.4 snapshot
Author Lester Caine
Maya Opperman wrote:
> I have been advised to use 2.1.4, instead of 2.1.3 for an index
> corruption problem we are experiencing. I have managed to locate the zip
> file to download, but I am unable to find any instructions on what to do
> with the zip.
> I presume I just need to unzip over my existing folders? Even the
> security FDB as well? And Firebird.conf?

You can keep your existing *.conf and security database. Quick method. Stop
firebird, rename existing firebird folder to xx_old and then unzip the new
version to the original folder name. Copy your *.conf and security database into
the new copy. Restart firebird, which should use the new copy. Any problems ...
just restore the folder name to the old copy ...

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