Subject [firebird-support] Re: select 2 detail table rows...
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Philips solution with EXECUTE BLOCK is probably the quickest anyway, but 10 minutes on a query involving tables with 50000 records is too long. If you want to speed up the query: What does the query with recursive CTEs look like, which plan is reported and how selective are the fields in the used indexes?


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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: select 2 detail table rows...

Thank you so much.
I tired all versions that you send.All of them wors fine.I add third table. It worked.
But,If tables contains a few records, you sql's works fine.My each detail tables contains about 50.000 records.So, I cannot get result in 10 minutes.
Thank you very much..Because of you I learned new things.