Subject Re: [firebird-support] Auto connection timeout
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From: "Chee Yang" <cychau@...>
> Can we configure Firebird server so that after 6 hours of idle for the
> connection, firebird server will close the connection at server side.
> Chau, Chee Yang
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I'm not seeing an option for that. You can read for yourself what is available in or look in the
comments in your copy of firebird.conf, particularly at the section for
DummyPacketInterval, but that doesn't look hopeful.

Do you have a stateful firewall [
Stateful_firewall ] you could set this sort of rule up on? How frequently
Firebird sends keepalive packets could affect how you write such a rule (no-

Another option might be to run a scheduled job on the server, joining between mon
$attachments and mon$transactions (each has a timestamp field indicating when it
was started), trying to identity connections that have no active transactions?
But there doesn't seem to be a good way to tell how recently a given connection
started or committed a transaction that is now no longer in the mon$transactions
view, and if all transactions are extremely short-lived, each time you check, you
may think the connection is idle, when in fact you've just barely missed seeing
it do something. Tricky.