Subject Re: [firebird-support] has the limit of 255 contexts been increased yet?
Author Doug Chamberlin
On 7/12/2010 8:28 AM, Venus Software Operations wrote:
> Sorry, slightly moving away from the original problem. How can the
> revision tracks be looked at? Is there a way in FlameRobin to know what
> the status of revisions is?

Whether the current schema revision # for an object is surfaced and
available to you is entirely dependent on the tool you use (IBExpert,
DBWorkbench, Flame Robin, etc.)

I'm not up on the latest Firebird APIs and SQL enhancements so I don't
know if this piece of data is available through SQL alone but i would
guess not. That's because such details are intended to be hidden and NOT
provided to the world. After all, it is internal housekeeping. In other
words, don't be bothered looking. Backup and restore the database on
some reasonable schedule and all will be well.

Just think of the slightly low limit of schema changes as someone's way
of alerting you that you are doing something counter to the way the
system was intended to be used.

Doug C.
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