Subject Re: [firebird-support] has the limit of 255 contexts been increased yet?
Author Doug Chamberlin
On 7/12/2010 5:59 AM, Sam Watkins wrote:
> I am working on a complex firebird database at work. When I try to alter the
> schema e.g. adding a join to a certain view, I later get this error:
> "Too many Contexts of Relation/Procedure/Views. Maximum allowed is 255"

Firebird tracks revisions to database schema and can only retain some
255 changes to any given table/view definition. If you backup and
restore the database the counter will reset to 0 so another 255 changes
can then be handled.

If you are actively designing/developing the schema the "problem" should
go away once the schema stabilizes and frequency of changes goes down.
If you are in a production environment then you will want to re-think
your strategy of making frequent schema changes.