Subject Re: serious bug
Author Myles Wakeham
On 07/07/2010 05:09 AM, Alexandre wrote:
> I think that if you ask for an advice in a kind manner you will have a
> better chance to get an answer.
> I could tell you how a product could be called an SQL Server when it
> fails to follow the SQL standard, but I don't think it will bring peace
> to the middle east.
> I am not a firebird developer, but I apreciate so much the hard job done
> by all of they (and remember for free) to understand this kind of rude
> message is totally inapropriate.
> You can be sure, that if this is done this way, there is a reason for
> it, You could register a feature request in the tracker or even sponsor
> such feature if it's critical for your business.
> For me it's a very low priority feature, because all my PK's and FK's
> are integer fields (surrogate keys) and the business rules can change
> all the way and will not affect a single key in my whole system. I am
> sure that for some people it is an important feature, those people could
> enter the feature request in the tracker and vote for it, so it could
> get more attention from the core developers, in Brazil more than once
> was collected money to sponsor a feature, why don't you do the same ?
> Take a deep breath before you send your next message, everyone will be
> glad for it.

Very, very, very well said.

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