Subject Re: [firebird-support] serious bug
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Em 7/7/2010 00:51, sqlsvr escreveu:
> Why can't you edit domains if they are used in a foreign key constraint? What kind of nonsense is that?
> If you have a natural key that is used in many places and the datatype ever or rule ever change (and they do in real business systems), you have to manually drop/recreate every constraint that refers to the domain in Firebird. How can Firebird call itself a relational DBMS when it fails to support domains properly?!?!?!?!?

I think that if you ask for an advice in a kind manner you will have a
better chance to get an answer.

I could tell you how a product could be called an SQL Server when it
fails to follow the SQL standard, but I don't think it will bring peace
to the middle east.

I am not a firebird developer, but I apreciate so much the hard job done
by all of they (and remember for free) to understand this kind of rude
message is totally inapropriate.

You can be sure, that if this is done this way, there is a reason for
it, You could register a feature request in the tracker or even sponsor
such feature if it's critical for your business.

For me it's a very low priority feature, because all my PK's and FK's
are integer fields (surrogate keys) and the business rules can change
all the way and will not affect a single key in my whole system. I am
sure that for some people it is an important feature, those people could
enter the feature request in the tracker and vote for it, so it could
get more attention from the core developers, in Brazil more than once
was collected money to sponsor a feature, why don't you do the same ?

Take a deep breath before you send your next message, everyone will be
glad for it.

see you !