Subject RE: [firebird-support] Baffling gbak hangups
Author Leyne, Sean

> I support some line-of-business software that uses Firebird, and out of
> dozens of Linux database servers running 2.0.4 Classic (64bit), *one* of them
> has sporadic hangups during backup.

Please describe what you mean by "hangs"?

Any error messages, on console? In firebird.log?

Does it "hang" without end, or for a while? If "without end", what is the longest you have waited? If "a while" how long?

Is it "hanging" on databases which have been active during the day?

You might want to add a gstat command ahead of the gbak call, to output the header page stats. This would let you know what the state of the database is like before you start (you could see if there are any open/long running transactions)