Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Database was emptied no data in the tables - how this can happen ?
Author Alan McDonald
> > Why do you
> > backup and restore every night? Frequent backups are good, but you
> > should not need to restore them nearly that often.
> >
> Ann we backup & restore because in the past the database stated to
> become slow, and a backup - restore actions seems to solve it. so we
> started to backup and restoring as well, this seems to keep the
> database faster and smaller.
> Is there another way ?

If your DB is slowing down, then I would suspect your transaction control is
I don't know what component set you are using or language, but if you are
using commit-retaining transactions or you are unaware what you are using
then you need to sort all that out.
Slowness can be attirbuted to a build up of backversions which should be
eliminated under normal useage patterns, not by usig restore as the main way
to do this.
We all have DBs of many Gb size and heavy use which only require restore for
reasons of good housekeeping once a year maybe.
My users do not notice when I have done a backup restore cycle. The
performance either side is the same.