Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: C# Application hangs
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan,
> thanks for your response.
> Even though DBW (just used it to reproduce the error) doesn't commit,
> with isolation level READ COMMITTED RECORD VERSION another App should
> see the old record version and come back. Only by setting NO RECORD
> VERSION this will hang. This is obviously the status because in
> mon$transaction it shows mon$isolation_mode 3!!!
> In .net provider with Begin Transaction one can set other settings.
> This isn't done by the APP. Searched the whole code.
> But then I built in a Begin Transaction and set the parameters to READ
> COMMITTED RECORD VERSION (which is the default value).
> No it works.
> But this can't be a permanent solution, since EVERY db action (also
> selects) have to be put in transactions..
> Regards, Christoph

I assume you mean 'Now it works' ???
I think you need to know that, Yes, every db action is done in the context
of a transaction.
ODBC and .NET drivers typically place all actions (for Firebird, and other
transaction based servers) inside and implicit transaction where one is not
declared explicitly.
You will need to take this discussion over to the .net group now to discuss