Subject Re: C# Application hangs
Author crizoo4712
Hi Alan,

thanks for your response.
Even though DBW (just used it to reproduce the error) doesn't commit, with isolation level READ COMMITTED RECORD VERSION another App should see the old record version and come back. Only by setting NO RECORD VERSION this will hang. This is obviously the status because in mon$transaction it shows mon$isolation_mode 3!!!
In .net provider with Begin Transaction one can set other settings.
This isn't done by the APP. Searched the whole code.
But then I built in a Begin Transaction and set the parameters to READ COMMITTED RECORD VERSION (which is the default value).
No it works.
But this can't be a permanent solution, since EVERY db action (also selects) have to be put in transactions..

Regards, Christoph

--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...> wrote:
> > > Hi everybody,
> > >
> > > e.g. performing 'update customer set accountno=3 where customer_id =
> > 10001' from dbw
> after doing this update in DBW, commit the update. The C# app should not
> hang.
> But the c# app must be trying to do an update on this record and the
> transaction settings in both DBW and the c# app are in conflicvt.
> Tel us more about the transaction settings on both.
> Alan
> causes a c# windows application to hang when attempting
> > to access that record.
> > > Even when the app tries to access ANOTHER customer of the same table
> > it hangs, so complete table lock!
> > > as soon as the other transaction commits or rolls back, the c# app
> > comes back.
> > > there is NO specific transaction setting in the app.
> > > obviously it uses the default settings, but what are these?
> > > can they be set anywhere? nothing in firebird.conf.
> > > it seems to run in wait mode.
> > > sometimes mon$transactions shows mon$isolation_mode 2, sometimes 3.
> > > who can help?
> > > regards, cs.
> > >