Subject RE: [firebird-support] timeout for firebird to close a database
Author Puigsegur, Jordi

Thanks for your answer.

> I think your problem is not firebird related, but .NET provider related.
> It closes the connection, because it uses short life cycle objects. It
> won't keep your connection opened if you don't really need them.
> You should make a connection on the first attempt, then somehow keep it
> opened.

I know I can program my .NET app to either keep a connection open at all times or (better) somehow keep a pool of open connections. However my idea was to check first if there was some way of achieving the same goal at a lower level.

Yor answer pointed me to check the .NET provider documentation. I see that the connection string has some parameters that might also help solving our problem:

Connection lifetime=15;Pooling=true;MinPoolSize=0;MaxPoolSize=100

In the documentation ( it says:
Connection Lifetime: When a connection is returned to the pool, its creation time is compared with the current time, and the connection is destroyed if that time span (in seconds) exceeds the value specified by connection lifetime.

Should we increase the connection lifetime value to prevent the connection from being closed?