Subject Re: How to monitor if a query needs optimising?
Author phil_hhn
Hi Douglas,
Thanks for your reply - interesting looking tool. However it appears to be a bit too 'high-level' for our users. I.e, most of our users are not educated in database use and we wouldn't expect them to run any analysis tools. And in most cases we have no remote access (but their systems can connect to us for updates and to report issues).
So we want to embed some tool(s) into our software and report automatically back to our server so we can resolve and improve the system for them easily. (And any embedded tool either needs to be java or SQL which we can run via jdbc.)


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> > Are there solutions in FB2.5, or things that'll also work in earlier versions of FB?
> Hi Phil,
> SinĂ¡tica Monitor works with Firebird 2.1 and up. It's made with cases
> such as yours in mind.
> If you have any questions or suggestions about the product please feel
> free to contact me directly.
> Best Regards,
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> Douglas Tosi