Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Non null column, before insert trigger not filling column, Delphi
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
15.06.2010 14:47, Mike wrote:
> I'm converting the database from Jet to Firebird of an application that is installed and running on 400 client sites. I would like to convert the database with only the minimal essential changes to the programs that use it.

Unfortunatelly, it is impossible. The problem you have encountered is
just a first one from a long thread. Next one is much worse - your
application will be unable to identify just inserted record because
generated value is not reported to client side automatically (in
contrast with Access).

> In any case, wouldn't I have to create the explicit FieldDef through the IDE anyway?

No. And I (as Delphi programmer with big experience) would recommend
not to do it by any price. Static fields definitions cause more troubles
that bring advantages.

> I'm not sure if your reply was intended to be sarcastic or not

Yes, it was.