Subject Re: gbak of firebird2.13 is much slower than firebird1.5
Author flyingfb
--- In, "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...> wrote:
> flyingfb wrote:
> > our database has 1641 tables,290 views,52 procedures,292 triggers,187 generators,3500 indices. file size is 40GB.
> > we have used firebird1.5 for six years and when we upgrade to firebird2.13 this year, we can not finished
> > the backup and restore our database at the night to cleanup and speedup
> our database. this is a big problem for us.
> > can some one help us? need we return back to firebird1.5?
> >
> OK, here are a two suggestions to start with.
> If you're not using the -g switch on the backup, you should. There's
> no reason to clean up old versions of records in a database you're
> going to replace.

restore is much much more slower than backup

> Most installations rarely do a full backup/restore. A nightly backup
> or sweep and backup releases space for reuse at much lower cost. If
> you think your indexes are causing problems as they age, you could just
> rebuild some of them each night rather than doing a full restore of
> the database.

firebird1.5 do not support derived table and temporary table, some of us have used a lot of delete and insert statement to generate report table, besides that, maybe there are some other reasons, we have to backup and restore frequently, or the database server will be getting much slow and unbearable after serveral days.

> Cheers,
> Ann