Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: step by step upgrading database to 2.5
Author Milan Babuskov
majstor wrote:
> First of all thanks Philippe for yours tip. I was try this tool and seem that it is working fine, but when some string is malware it ignore it and continue with cloning and I have situation that my employee table with more than 3000 records are cutted to 100-200 employee and I must to solve this problem, do you have any idea how to solve this?

Create an empty database with FB2.5 with same structure (you can use SQL
script dumped with isql -x or gbak -m and subsequent restore).

When ready, copy the tables with FBCopy specifying the same charset for
each database. This is one-liner:

fbcopy se sysdba:masterkey@source_db?UTF8

If you have problems with some tables, you can first export the list of
tables with "fbcopy d" and use "fbcopy c" to copy one table at a time
while fixing problems.

Milan Babuskov

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