Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB2.5 and Multicore
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
11.06.2010 22:44, Michael Ludwig wrote:
> 32-bit Windows Server address> 4GB RAM - How?
> It seems that (a) hardware and (b) the OS has to supplement the
> straightforward single-32-bit integer addressing scheme in some
> way. In addition, drivers have to support it, which may make it
> impractical for desktop operating systems with myriads of drivers
> outside any form of centralized control and hardcoded assumptions
> as to the 4GB limit.

This article is not quite correct. AWE and PAE are methods to
increase RAM available for single user process. OS itself works a bit
different. I recommend to read "Programming Applications for Microsoft
Windows" by J.Richter. He describes mapping of virtual memory to
physical memory very well.

>> RAM usage. 32 bits Classic Server can use more that 2-4Gb RAM. 32
>> bits Super Classic (or Super Server) - can't (unless you run some of
>> them).
> Probably because the former runs as multiple processes each going up to
> some given max of 2-4 GB, while the latter are single-process models
> which only go as far as one process can go?

Exactly that.